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frequently asked questions

What Internet bandwidth is required to operate myosh365

A minimum 2 Mbps and latencies of around 100-200 ms which is very low.  Most networks these days start at this.  If using anything lower than this, the site will still work but will just be very slow.

Can I add a Safety Consultant or Practitioner to my system?

invite a safety consultant (practitioner)

If you have a particular safety consultant who works with you, you can invite your consultant to view and edit your account by inviting them as a user within your account.  This means that your safety consultant will always have access to your documents for support and safety advice.  Adding a safety consultant does not use up any of your purchased licenses, however the consultant must register an account with myosh as a consultant.

Go to your setting button.

setting button profile


Click on Invite Safety Practitioner



You will then get an invite practitioner form.  Complete the details and submit.

instruction invite safety consultant


Is myosh365 related to OHS government bodies?

No, we are not a Government Office. myosh365 offers safety software solutions to industries in order to help them manage their Health and Safety requirements.

How much time do I need to invest in myosh365?

myosh365 is designed to make compliance easy for small business. It has been designed to help you comply with Health and Safety requirements without the lengthy processes usually associated with compliance.   myosh365 offer you ready made templates and resources at your fingertips all in one place.  Select the documents for your industry and location, edit if you need to, share and store online in your safety manual. You can quickly and easily log an incident or a hazard and create and assign actions in response.

Required inspections are ready in templates for you to use from your mobile device, so you do not have to worry about losing paperwork.

Trails are easy to follow up on and reminders are set so that nothing slips through the net.

In effect myosh365 has been designed to help you have time on your Health and Safety Requirements.

What do I need to do to comply to OH&S regulations?

The law basically requires that you show a commitment to Health and Safety Regulations and have a Safety Management Plan in place.    myosh365 offers you all the tools and resources to demonstrate this commitment as well as providing you with your Health and Safety Management Plan.

myosh365 provides you with a basic Safety Management Plan,  allows you to log incidents and manage hazards.   Additionally it offers you tools like Actions, Registers and Meetings to assist you in your compliance journey.

Do I need a user license for my Safety Consultant?

No, adding a safety consultant does not use up any of your purchased licenses.


How many Users can I add to my subscription/account

You may add as many as you like.  After the basic subscription you will be charged per additional user.

Updating Library documents.

myosh365 has a team of resources endeavouring to keep the most recent and up to date documents in the Public Library.

All Public Library documents have a Last Date Modified field.   This field gives you the last date that the document was modified by the original source of that document.

If you are in doubt you can follow the link under reference to ensure that this is the most recent version.  If for any reason you find that the document is not the most recent version, we will replace this within 24 hours for you so that it is ready for you to copy to your own library.  Please email 365support@myosh with the details of the document that is not up to date.

date modified

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password, click ‘forgot password’ link on the login page and follow the instruction to reset your password.

If you have any problems resetting your password, ask your company administrator to reset your username or password by going to Administration > Users

If you are the Administrator and are having problems logging in please email


Will there be downtime for maintenance and updates?

myosh365 when being updated does not create downtime for users, however in some situations there may be possible disconnections. You may be disconnection from your account but you will be able to login again immediately and continue work.

Currently all updates and maintenance for myosh365 is scheduled to take place AWST 8pm -9pm.


myosh365 has a library which will give you access to hundreds of documents, tips and articles.  The library contains information from various sources around the world on safety.

You may use the filtering options in the library to find documents and information applicable to your requirement, from the type of document you are looking for to the country or region that you require it for if it is regulatory.

Some useful information you may find in here.

  • general safety information -including pictograms and posters
  • “what is”section – which describes various safety concepts and acronyms
  • toolbox talks– which are a sets of discussion topics for safety talks with your employees
  • various industry specific information and checklists
  • guidance material
  • codes of practice
  • published articles on safety related issues

public library

Contractor submission Manual

myosh365 has provided a manual for small businesses who wish to contract their services for specific projects.

This manual provides the basics to cover your OHS  requirements.   It forms the backbone to your OHS project needs, SWMS and Hazards etc will need to be identified and logged in myosh365. These can then be edited and reused for similar projects.

This manual can be found in the Public Library under templates.


Can I get Training on myosh365?

myosh365 offers a comprehensive support site that can be accessed through your user profile via the Help Button.
Within the support there are instructional videos, step and step instructions and general information to assist with any queries. All this is available for users at no charge.

help button support training FAQ

I cannot Login

What is the dashboard?

Dashboards gives you a visual representation which allows you to:

  • view key metrics to monitor your safety performance
  • gives you quick visibility and more control to focus on critical areas
  • demonstrate and improve your safety history

View your dashboard for a summary of vital safety activities in your business.

1 – Select Dashboards

2 and 3 – you can select date ranges to view.


Dashboard overview 2


adding new views and tabs

You can add new tabs to your dashboard to show critical views important to your company

1 – Go to Edit (at the bottom of your screen)

dashboards edit 2

Add a new tab

Dashboards add new tab

Name your new tab when prompted

You will then have a blank Dashboard to create from

Once you have this tab,  you may select which information you wish to see from the add new widget field.

Select Done when you are finished creating your customised tab.

dashboards widget

How long has myosh365 been around and who are they?

We are an Australian based software company specialising in the development of Browser based applications accessed locally or via the Internet. Our applications are developed for industry and can be deployed in-house or hosted by us in a secure environment.

We have been in operation for over 12 years and are well respected in the Safety Management Arena

myosh365 is our new product developed, specifically for small businesses, out of the backbone of our expertise within the large corporate arena.

When will I be charged?

You will be automatically charged a month from your initial subscription day on a monthly basis until you cancel your subscription.

I do not know where to start. Can you help?

Yes, we have a tool to help you get started. Getting Started will cover the basics of myosh365 and introduce you to all you need to know to be on your way.

You will also have the option to add a safety consultant to your account.

Is myosh365 suitable for international use?

Yes, we are continually rolling out safety documents for regions across the globe.

Please email us to find out if we have your region covered

Can I get too large for myosh365?

myosh offers global safety solutions for small, medium and large organisations.

myosh365 is designed specifically for small businesses, however does not limit the number of team members you can add. If your organisation is looking for a solution with greater flexibility and functionality visit for solutions for medium to large businesses.

There is an upgrade path available from myosh365 to other myosh solutions so you will never be able to outgrow myosh.

Do I need to back up my information?

No, this is all done for you by myosh365.

How many employees is myosh365 suited to?

Does this system make me compliant?

myosh365 demonstrates your commitment to safe processes, tracks safety history and helps win new business, contracts and tenders. myosh365 is a complete safety management system for small business with both the tools and the documents to get you started. The myosh365 roadmap guides your work safety compliance. Start your roadmap by accessing your own safety management plan, tailored to your profile, location, industry and areas of work.

Do you offer training or support information?

Yes, this is all done online from within your account by clicking on the help button.

There are 2 ways you can get help.

1. There is a support section which offers quick tips and answers to your questions on how to use the system.  It includes instructional videos and step by step instructions.

2. In addition to the support myosh365 offers you a getting started guide which will assist you in determining what you need to do with regards your safety compliance.

You can access this information from within your account by clicking on the Help Button

help button support training FAQ

Can I put my subscription on pause?

You can do this by cancelling your account. You may resubscribe at any time you wish by going to the reactivate my account link on our website.

Can I cancel my account anytime?

Yes, you are not bound by any contracts or minimum periods of use.

Is there a minimum subscription length?

No, there is no minimum length. If you wish to make changes to your account, you can do this in the settings section within your account.

Is myosh365 a subscription service?

Yes, we are a monthly subscription service, but there is no minimum term.